We’re all our own individuals, for sure, but that doesn’t mean we are so different from one another. Tarot reading is based on archetypes. Studying common behavioural patterns is at the core of tarot reading. We are the sum of experiences, emotions and energies of our ancestors. We draw lessons from the universe and from them, fueling our emotions, minds and bodies. This enables us to act and react a certain way, even if we sometimes don’t even understand it.

I, myself, I am just beginning to accept this tarot reading journey and how it can improve my life. I probably started it many lifetimes ago, but that doesn’t mean I learned what I needed to. Resistance to change defines us all. We’re so resistant to change, that it may take us a lot of time to fully understand, accept and apply all this information. Not to say that if you’re not a spiritual being, I won’t understand your point of view. I was once like that, and I’m still waking up. But I am more open to whatever signals my gods/guardians/angels/universe/ancestors/energies are trying to tell me than before.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful; I’m trying to be inclusive all spiritualities, maybe even of the ones I’m not yet aware of.

tarot readings can improve your life
Past – Present – Future.

How and When

I started with normal card reading and coffee reading back when I was a little girl. This was a thing I was doing with my mum while growing up. She truly believed I have a gift, and was trying to help me advance. But at the moment I was fine with just listening to my intuition, which has never failed me.

Fast forward to a lot of years later, I found myself in front of a tarot reader. My tarot reading experience was unbelievably accurate! But I was still holding on to my old ways. Change is never easy. A couple of months later, I had another epiphany which solidified my drive to learn and apply myself. I’ve been spending my time doing just that, trying to understand the ins and outs of tarot. I am also looking into tapping that never-ending source that helps me fuel this, my intuition. I truly believe that with tarot reading I managed to shed some light and, eventually, I even improved my life a bit.

What About Now?

I now use tarot reading as a guidance or as a way to clear things up for me or others. The way I use tarot is not to learn the lucky combo at the lottery tonight. I don’t use tarot to find out when someone will get married or how many children they will have. Tarot is also not a way of getting financial, legal or medical advice.

Tarot can only tell me things about yourself in the now, with prospecting the near future based on today’s patterns. But in the end, you’re still the master of your own destiny. Only you can choose if and how you want to improve your life.

What Can Tarot Do For You?

If the cards reveal an addiction in your current situation, tarot cannot cure this. The cards can only flag if the issue is threatening to spill in other areas of life. If your relationship or work are at risk, it is up to you not to let that happen.

Likewise, sometimes the tarot reveals that you have a loving relationship with your significant other. It is your choice to continue to nurture that relationship, rather than rely on the cards to keep this going.

Tarot can reveal things about yourself that you don’t want to know, hear or acknowledge. Sometimes they are positive, sometimes they are negative. It is a self-discovery tool that you can use by yourself or through others, so please use it as such. A tarot reading can improve your life, if you’re open to the message and are willing to work on yourself. Otherwise, a message remains just a message, and not an action.

Just ask the question, and Tarot will answer.

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