I’ve been quite absent lately. There’s a lot going on in my life, and I’ve recently started doing a lot of in person tarot readings again, so my focus shifted towards that. But I couldn’t help but notice that I wasn’t the only one absent in the tarot community.

I feel like there are so many changes in the tarot community, for all sorts of reasons. We’re losing members, and gaining new ones, and yet it feels like despite this roller coaster my emotions are stale.

It’s not just the content, it feels like after 2 years of going through a lot of shared experiences, spiritual people are feeling drained. We’ve gone through a pandemic, economic instability, financial crisis, housing crisis, social crisis, and now a war, along with uncertainty about our future as a society, and we’re just trying to survive.

People have turned to us for guidance and comfort, for validation and support, and the question is… how are we supporting ourselves? Where do we find our comfort and guidance?

So my question is to our tarot community is how do you recharge? How do you deal with loss and pain, with confusion and misguided aggression?

Where do you go when your creative juices aren’t flowing?

I personally sit down and journal. I know people who sling their cards as a form of self comfort, but I listen to nature sounds and write on paper the thoughts and words I wish someone would say to me. It instantly makes me feel better, and it makes me feel less rushed.

What’s your go to content when the world is too loud?

For me personally, it has to be music. When things are too much, I don’t want to learn, I don’t want to act, I don’t want to react. I just need to sit there with my thoughts and feelings and try to understand them.

What’s your comfort setup in your holy safe space or altar?

I go to my desk – which I won’t show now because it’s not really aesthetically pleasing and it’s actually private, and I take out my journal, which has been my crutch lately, and shuffle my cards, burn some incense and do a ritual to ground myself. It makes me feel safe and at peace, and most of all, it makes me feel loved.

What’s your go to deck when nothing makes sense?

The Majestic Earth tarot deck. It has such a dream like quality to it, I can immerse myself in the images and day dream about adventures, but I can also try and picture myself in the images, and observe my reactions. It’s always a spot on reader, and I always get comfort from even the most confrontational of the cards.

What’s your go to deck when you want to challenge yourself?

The Mary-El Tarot, for sure. I’m happy to report that I now have the 1st edition, and I’m going on a journey to decipher that deck and see how it makes me react.

What’s your go to deck when all you want is validation?

White Sage Tarot. Happy to report that I also manage to get a copy of the indie edition of the White Sage, which is such a blessing. If comfort would have a picture in the dictionary, it would be this deck!

What’s the deck that taught you a lesson and how did you find the lesson?

I learned that the Art Revival Tarot only wants to read about housing issues. I was reading at several markets and events, and for some reason, I had clients that didn’t want to disclose their question. Which is fine, I can read without a question. But then when I looked back, I realised I was so drawn to using this deck only for housing issues, even when I didn’t know the question was about a housing issue. Some decks have their personality and clearly there’s nothing you can do to change it!

How do you give your decks a rest?

I tend to rotate them, but not really based on a schedule. I’ve recently found myself having to listen to the Psychic Oracle Tarot, this deck was tiiiired… and all the cards I pulled for myself or others were either very moody, or very apathetic. I cleansed the deck and reshuffled a couple of days later, and I got the world. The deck was just tired and wanted a rest, so happy I listened!

How do you give yourself a rest?

We’re all living in this maddening world. Where things happen at a very rapid pace… this summer is quite busy for me, moving, working all weekends, and most evenings too, and that’s on top of a full time job. So it’s important to allow myself a breather if that’s what I need. I’m not out as much as I would like to, but at home I do tend to bless my space more than before. Incense and sage and candles, making spell bags to help with burnout, just creating things with my mind and my hands has been great!

What’s the random thought of the day?

I wish current tarot experience wasn’t so driven by instant gratification. What do I mean by that? Because the point is not to offend anyone, but simply speak about my own experience. I have waited for a year and half for the Alleyman Tarot, and during this time I have transformed and became a new person. So while I do appreciate the effort put in this deck, I don’t think it aligns with my being anymore, and I am thinking of rehoming it. This is something I need to deal with, because usually I am very patient.

I waited a long time to get my hands on a 1st edition Mary-El, and I am very pleased with the outcome. I am opposed to rushing into things because you want the short term happiness, and instead I like to focus on the long term goals and plans. And yet, something happened with this deck and it bothers me. I wish I wasn’t that fickle and I wish I didn’t throw a tantrum, when I don’t need to.

But then I go on Facebook groups and I see people complain that their decks were 1 day late, after they ordered them through Amazon. And that’s an even bigger problem in my book! I won’t bore you with the details, but I dislike how we are so deeply dependent on a service that destroyed small businesses, delivery companies, and treats their employees unfairly. Not to say that sellers that use them aren’t better off either. And my perpetual question is – if it’s all worth it? Destroying the planet so that Janet (sorry if your name is Janet) gets her deck today instead of 2 days later?

These are my thoughts of today, probably more of a ramble than usual, but I’ve been away for a while now, and I had a lot of time to think about things

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