Spreads vs Free Styling – which one is better?

Every reader has a preferred method, but the reality is that every energy has a preferred method. Some will dish out a very exotic, complicated 15-card spread, and will use multiple decks in one reading. Some will just dig out their old, trusted Rider-Waite-Smith decks, and do a 3-card spread, with or without clarifiers. Some will shuffle and keep the cards that pop out, until nothing jumps out anymore. Some will place the cards face down and pick the ones that resonate.

What does that mean for you, as a reader? It means that the method is not that important. It’s not really about which one is better, spreads vs free styling. The only thing it means is that you need to trust their intuition, as it will guide them (and you) towards the best results.

Without judging other people’s methods, I like to keep myself flexible. Sometimes I research a spread, if I think it makes sense in the context, but sometimes I just go with a 3-card spread or a Celtic Cross. Sometimes I’ll just shuffle my decks until all the messages have popped out and I am ready to weave the story.

The point is – there is no right or wrong. The best thing about tarot is its flexibility and how easy it is to use it as a tool. Either method should work, if you have your querent’s interest at heart. If you listen to your guides, you’ll know what method would be better suited. Tarot is not a one size fits all, so why should you apply the same template to all questions?

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